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Foreign exchange, stocks, options, futures, commodities trading can be very speculative and may result in losses as well as profits. Investors should realize that trading activity is a kind of highly speculative activity implying a high degree of risk. This opportunity is may not suitable for everybody.

  • Using leverage can result in increasing losses against investments in number of cases. Slight market movements can stronger impact your account while using leverage: it can conduce to your profit or cause losses. Please, be ready to that you can completely lose not only initially invested funds but also any additional funds deposited for supporting positions. Therefore Invest the money you can afford to loose.

  • You must admit that any market stipulates you have a tough competition with professionals of this market, grand financial institutions and your own psychology.

  • You are supposed to be well-familiarized with forex market, including the risk.

  • Supply and demand are the basis for determining quotations both at regulated and non-regulated market, thus, under certain market conditions, you may miss the opportunity to bargain a deal at acceptable price. The market moves so rapidly we might sustain serious loss from the moment of decision making to the moment of closing position.

Statements about any possible earnings power mentioned in any sources does not guarantee possibility it will be repeated.

January 2011
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