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Welcome to Currencies69.com a forex managed account. We run this unique program This Year and launching it on the internet.

I think you are already aware that Forex trading is a good way to make money at home. More over, I bet you knew someone, or would have heard of someone, who's already making tons of good money in FX trading.

But what you wouldn't know is that 7 out of 10 traders keep losing money in Forex market! That's right, 70% of individual FX traders keep losing their hard-earned money in the market; while the rest of the 30% work freely at home and earn millions annually.

We are strong team of traders and have been working successfully together. You can be certain that your investment will be handled by a group of qualified professionals.

No need for you to spend time and money on complicated day trading courses and expensive software, we do all the work for you! It is fast becoming recognized as the world's premier trading venue. With unparalleled liquidity, FOREX is the world's largest financial market with over $2.5 trillion USD traded daily.

The Currencies69 Managed Forex Account, launched in June 2009, offers investors easy access to a fast growing investment category. The foreign exchange ("Forex") market addresses increased needs from both individuals and institutions to diversify their investment portfolios and achieve returns. *

Traditionally Forex was a primary tool used by corporations to hedge the risk of foreign currency exposure from international trading. The picture is changing. FOREX is viewed by more investors, both retail and institutional, as an asset class similar to bonds and equities, which has exhibited comparable, if not better, returns with greater liquidity. Furthermore, investing is becoming more globalized and allocations to FOREX diversify the portfolio allowing the investor to participate in the global markets with the possibility to enhance the quality of returns in a portfolio.

Most investors find it more challenging to trade forex than other asset classes due to higher volatility and complexity. To succeed in the forex market, investors must have in-depth market knowledge and proven skills and experience. The Currencies69 is recommended for investors who are interested to have their accounts managed by professional traders.

January 2011
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